Congratulations!  You’ve just finished building your IIPP.

Cal/OSHA's Injury and Illness Prevention (IIPP) Standard requires you to inform your employees of their right to receive a copy of your written IIPP. Use the IIPP Addendum and attach it to your IIPP to comply.

The next important step is to implement your program.

Implementing Your IIPP

  1. Ensure a copy of the IIPP is available at all of your work locations.
  2. Make sure the individuals responsible for safety at your business have a copy and are familiar with the program and their responsibilities.
  3. Review the program with your managers/supervisors/leaders to ensure they understand. Require them to share the program with all of your employees.
  4. Communicate to all of your employees that safety is your priority and should be theirs too. Let them know their managers will be going over the IIPP with them and tell them where they can find it at every location.
  5. Set a policy for assuring that all new employees are trained on the IIPP and where to find it.
  6. Consider how you might be able to incorporate safe work practices into your processes.
  7. Investigate accidents and near misses to find the root causes and then correct them.
  8. Encourage managers to look for employees working safely and acknowledge or reward them.