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State Fund’s IIPP Builder℠

Preparing an Injury and Illness Prevention Program—or IIPP for short—is your first step to a safer workplace. State Fund’s IIPP Builderâ„  can help you build your IIPP fast, easy, and free. Watch our video and find out more.

Keona Fulcher, Human Resources General Manager, Cornerstone Delivery Service, Riverside CA

Building an IIPP Helps Company Reduce New Claims to Zero

Read Keona Fulcher's story about how constructing an IIPP for her employer helped the business enhance its safety efforts and reduce claims.

Our IIPP Builderâ„  makes the complex task of creating an IIPP simple. It guides you through all parts of the IIPP and asks questions about your current safety practices. Your answers help you build a program tailored to your business, which you can save to your computer. If you’re a policyholder, you can save your program and come back to it any time to update it or create additional IIPPs. Already have an IIPP in place? State Fund’s IIPP Builderâ„  can help you improve your program to make it more effective and compliant.


You must inform your employees of their right to receive a copy of your written IIPP. You must also have a written COVID-19 Prevention Program (CPP). Use the IIPP Addendum, this CPP template, and attach both to your IIPP.

Get started now

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Information you'll need

Before getting started, you'll need to collect the following information:

  • Your current safety procedures. (You’ll need them to help answer some of the questions.)
  • Identify who in your business is responsible for managing your safety program.
  • Have your business contact information ready to enter into the IIPP.
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Start here if you are a current State Fund policyholder. You need a State Fund account to login. For instructions on how to create an account, see How to Register for State Fund Online.

  • Save your program and access it any time to edit or update it.
  • You can start building your program and come back to finish it later.
  • You can create additional plans for different locations.
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Start here if you are a guest without a State Fund policy.

  • If you are not insured with State Fund, you can create an IIPP and save it as a PDF to your computer.
  • The application will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity and will not save your work. You will get a notice after 15 minutes.

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