3M™, makers of fall protection harnesses, has issued a stop use notice for its DBI-SALA® Delta™ and Exofit XP™ Arc Flash harnesses. The company made the announcement after finding inconsistent test results in the performance of these harnesses after an arc flash event. The problem is related to a nylon D-ring extension. 

These harnesses should not be used in an environment or situation where there is potential for an arc flash event. If you use or own one of these types of harnesses, check the part number on the label right away to determine if it is one of the units affected and stop use immediately.

You can find more information and part numbers of the affected units in the 3M™ Stop Use Product Advisory.

In addition, 3M™ announced its discontinuing their Custom DBI-SALA® Delta™ and Exofit XP™ Arc Flash Harnesses. If you own one of these harnesses, you can return it to 3M™ and receive a cash rebate.

You can contact 3M™ Customer Service at (833) 638-2697 or 3musfpserviceaction@mmm.com to discuss your options.