Petzl® USA has voluntarily recalled their low-stretch kernmantle safety ropes due to fall and injury hazards. The safety ropes are designed for professionals who work at heights, have difficult access, and perform technical rescue and industrial applications. They can also be used recreationally when climbing, caving, and mountaineering.

The safety ropes were recalled because of two defects—there could be either a deep cut on the rope or tape securing two ends of rope together. Both of these defects could potentially compromise the rope’s ability to sustain the intended load, and possibly result in a serious injury if the rope failed. If you own or use the low-stretch kernmantle safety rope, inspect it immediately. If you find a defect, take the rope out of service and contact Petzl® right away.

It is important to remember that all users of fall prevention equipment are required to conduct a visual inspection of equipment. A visual inspection will help keep your employees safe on the job by preventing equipment failure and injuries.