A new California law, AB 1775, requires entertainment stagers to complete Cal/OSHA training when working on public-owned or operated venues. Starting January 1, 2023, entertainment event employees and management involved in the setting up, operation, or tearing down of a live event at public venues must have completed the Cal/OSHA 10 and Cal/OSHA 30 training: 

  • Cal/OSHA 10 – General Industry is the basic safety course for employees and requires ten hours of training.
  • Cal/OSHA 30 – General Industry training is for department heads, managers, supervisors, or leads and requires 30 hours of training on workplace safety and health.

Live event staging vendors must certify in writing that their employees have completed the required training. Cal/OSHA will enforce these requirements and can issue citations and penalties to vendors in violation.

There are many training providers offering these courses, with fees ranging from $50 to $100 per course. Training providers must be authorized by an OSHA Training Institute Education Center and will issue certification cards to participants who complete the course. Resources for selecting approved training are available from OSHA. You can also look for training in your area.