Your IIPP is in place. You’ve met Cal/OSHA’s regulations for an effective safety program and your employees understand their responsibilities to help keep the workplace safe. You’re also ready to present your IIPP the next time a Cal/OSHA inspector drops by for a visit. Now it’s time to bring your safety plan to the next level.

Creating a successful IIPP doesn’t stop with meeting the Cal/OSHA regulation. This is a living document that spells out to your employees how you intend to keep them safe and productive on the job. It also spells out how you work to prevent workplace injuries and the costs—both direct and indirect—that come with those injuries. 

So how do you create a successful IIPP? We offer six steps to get you there:

1. Involve your employees

They’re the ones on the front lines, know the job better than anyone else, and can provide valuable information to you. They may be aware of a hazard that you did not know about, and could have a solution. Form a safety committee with your employees and show them how to review the IIPP. Regular committee meetings also allow them to discuss concerns and potential hazards on a regular basis.

When your workers are involved in setting up your IIPP, they take ownership of the plan. They also feel more valued and appreciated, which leads to better morale. Some may even want to lead safety meetings or coach coworkers on how to stay safe on the job. Better morale can also mean improved retention rates, fewer absences, and higher productivity.