We all know that wildfires are all too common in California. Not only do they have the potential to destroy homes and entire communities, they produce thick, heavy smoke that can envelop an entire region. This smoke can travel for hundreds of miles and make breathing difficult.

This means your workers could be at risk, even if they’re not in an area directly impacted by a wildfire. You can make respirators available to your employees upon request, even if respirators are not required for your regular business activities. If you don’t have respirators available, stock up now! Supplies are often depleted when a fire breaks out.

Finding the right respirator

The filtering facepiece respirator rated N95 or above is a good first step. These come at a fairly low cost and are generally available at hardware and drug stores for purchase. They’re also available online.

You’ll want respirators that have two straps. And, you’ll want your employees to wrap both straps around their head for the best possible protection.

Know this, surgical masks don’t protect against wildfire smoke.