Tree trimmers face a number of risks when trimming a tree. Some of the risks include falls, electrical hazards, and being struck by fallen branches. Due to these hazards, all tree work must be done under the direction of a qualified tree worker (QTW). In fact, no work may begin unless you have a QTW on site.

What your employees need to know about safely trimming trees

What is a qualified tree worker?

A QTW is an employee that has had training and on-the-job experience. A QTW has also demonstrated that they know what hazards are involved in tree maintenance, removal, and the proper equipment to use to get the job done safely.

Your QTW will perform a hazard assessment, including visually inspecting the tree itself. Parts of the tree that should be inspected for strength and stability before any climbing takes place include the root collar, the tree trunk, and the limbs. Weather conditions should also be included in the hazard assessment. The added dangers of high winds, fog, ice, rain, high heat, thunder, and lightning should be taken into account.

Once the tree inspection has been completed by the QTW, the QTW can determine the safest way to enter the tree and establish safe work procedures. This information is then discussed with your other employees at a job briefing, which the QTW should conduct before each job takes place.