On average, a single work-related motor vehicle crash can cost an employer at least $16,500. If injuries are involved, that figure can quadruple. If there’s a fatality, you could be looking at costs exceeding half a million dollars. If your employees drive as part of their job, your commitment to workplace safety extends to the vehicles they drive.

To minimize the high costs indicated above, and—more importantly—to ensure your employees are safe at all times, a proper maintenance program for company vehicles and a safe driving program are two critical components. And, your employees play a key role in the success of both programs.

What your employees need to know about fleet safety

Since your workers are the ones driving your fleet vehicles, they also serve as the eyes and ears to any problems you might not be aware of. Just like rental car companies do, you can have a check-off sheet that workers use when taking out and returning a vehicle. They can report any damage that occurs and if the vehicle is making a strange sound or running rough.

Employees should also be up front about any accidents or near misses that occur while using a company vehicle.