As a business owner, you’ve always been responsible for keeping your workplace safe. That includes taking action to help decrease the spread of the COVID-19 virus. A common way employers are doing this and keeping their operations going is by allowing employees to work from home. If your employees are new to teleworking or have been doing so already, these tips can help you keep them safe while working at home.

Setting up the home workstation

Many of your new teleworkers may have never thought about working from home, let alone working safely from home. First, consider setting a policy for working from home that includes your safety rules in addition to internet and security requirements, expectations of the employee’s work hours, performance, and communication.

Next, ensure that your employees set aside a dedicated workspace and are equipped with a computer. They will need to set up their home workstations correctly. You can help them do that by following the advice from our Ergo team below.