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Drop, Cover & Hold: Earthquake Preparedness Training Video

The chance of having one or more magnitude 6.7 or larger earthquakes in California over the next 30 years is greater than 99%. This video stresses the importance of being prepared and shows detailed instruction of the Drop, Cover & Hold procedure. 

Drop, Cover & Hold Earthquake Preparedness Training Part 1

Drop, Cover & Hold - Earthquake Preparedness Training Part 2

We all know about California’s earthquake history. In fact, earthquakes happen every day in the Golden State—we just don’t feel most of them. However, when the larger ones do strike, we need to prepared. The safest action any of us can take when the ground starts moving is Drop, Cover, and Hold On.

Drop, Cover, and Hold on is designed to keep you safe during an earthquake and help prevent injuries. The larger an earthquake is, the more potential it has for causing damage, injury, and even death. At the time of the earthquake, no one knows how big it will be—which is why we need to take the safest possible action right away.

Each October, organizations throughout California and the entire world take the time to practice Drop, Cover, and Hold On, during the Great ShakeOut. You are encouraged to conduct this drill throughout the year, to refresh your employees on what to do in an earthquake. Since we do not know when the next earthquake will strike, and since we do know that California has a history of destructive earthquakes, anything we can do to be prepared, increases our chances of riding out the earthquake without major injuries or worse.

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