It’s no secret that California is earthquake country. Big events like Loma Prieta, Northridge, Napa, Ridgecrest, and the 1906 San Francisco quake all come to mind when we think about our state’s earthquake history. And, that history tells us that there will be more earthquakes, we just don't know when the next one will occur. That's why we need to be ready to act on a moment's notice.

For decades we were told to stand in a doorway during an earthquake. That advice has been replaced by Drop, Cover, and Hold On—considered to be the safest action to take during a quake. As an employer, training your employees on Drop, Cover, and Hold On is critical to their safety. Equally important is preparing your workplace and having an emergency plan in place to execute after the shaking stops.

This page provides additional resources to help you prepare your employees and your workplace for the next earthquake. 

Job Aids

Drop, Cover, and Hold On  – Details on how to practice this earthquake response drill.

Drop, Cover, and Hold On: Specific Situations – Information on how to Drop, Cover, and Hold On for disabled employees, those working outside, driving, or other situations.

Earthquake Safety at Work – FEMA’s guide on how to prepare the workplace.

Earthquake Preparedness and Response – OSHA’s Earthquake Preparedness Center.

Preparation Is Key in Riding Out an Earthquake – Earthquake Safety Meeting Topic from State Fund.

Resources for People With Disabilities – Earthquake preparedness resources for employees with disabilities.

Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety – Earthquake Country Alliances steps toward earthquake preparedness. Use at work and at home.

What to do Immediately After an Earthquake – California Seismic Safety Commission’s guide for when the shaking stops.

California organizations to help prepare

California Department of Insurance – Information on earthquake insurance and safety measures.

California Earthquake Authority – Earthquake education and preparedness information.

California Seismic Safety Commission – Resources on preparing for earthquakes and reducing earthquake risk.

Earthquake Country Alliance – A grassroots public-private partnership helping Californians prepare for earthquakes.

Berkeley Seismology Lab – Preparedness information for the Bay Area.

County of Los Angeles – Preparedness information for Los Angeles.

National organizations to help prepare

American Red Cross – Information on how to prepare for earthquakes and other emergencies.

Department of Homeland Security – Also known as

Federal Emergency Management Agency – Earthquake publications for Private Sector and Small Businesses.

U.S. Geological Survey – Latest earthquake information.

More Earthquake Information

Earthquake Resource Center

Additional Earthquake Resources

Earthquake Drill Videos

Latest Earthquake Information