Riding out an earthquake safely depends in large part on what you do before the shaking starts. This includes securing the workplace and practicing what to do during, what to do after, and communicating with your employees. Here you’ll find tips on things you can do to prepare and download our checklist to use during your earthquake planning.

Earthquake-proof the workplace

Secure cabinets and shelving to the wall. If one of these items tips over, it could land on anything or anyone in the way, causing serious injury.

Secure pictures, mirrors, and other mounted items to walls. Bolt them to the walls or use earthquake “J” clips to keep them from falling off the wall or becoming airborne.

Store heavy, breakable, and hazardous items/materials on low shelves. Keep these items as close to the ground as possible, lowering the risk they could fall on someone.

Secure computer equipment to the desk.  Velcro fasteners and non-slip pads can help you keep this equipment in place and reduce the chance it would fall or become airborne and injure someone.

Keep aisles, doorways, and areas under desks clear. Avoiding clutter in the aisles and doorways helps your employees evacuate the building in the safest possible way, should that be necessary. It also prevents the clutter from moving around or becoming airborne.

Keep areas under desks clear. This creates protective space for employees during an earthquake, as we will cover in the next section.