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Cal/OSHA 300 Log Requirements

In this webinar, we’ll walk you through the proper way of maintaining and completing your Cal/OSHA 300 Logs for reporting injuries, illnesses, and fatalities.

Office worker obtaining a record from a filing cabinet

Learn about the types of injuries and illnesses that must be reported, the timeline for reporting, how to submit reports electronically, and who is responsible for submitting them.

You’ll also learn about

  • Recordkeeping requirements
  • When do you report someone who tests positive for COVID-19
  • How do you record a COVID-19 case
  • Workplace posting requirements
  • Electronic submission guidelines


Webinar presentation slides

Presented by:

Lorenzo Zwaal — Loss Prevention Engineer

Lorenzo brings more than 19 years of safety and health experience in both the private and public sectors. Prior to joining State Fund, he served as a compliance officer with Cal/OSHA Enforcement. Lorenzo applies his knowledge and experience he obtained as an enforcement officer to better help California businesses. Lorenzo also served as a risk manager for Santa Barbara City College and as the Safety Director for Rolls Scaffold and Equipment.

The above evaluations and/or recommendations are for general guidance only and should not be relied upon for medical advice or legal compliance purposes. They are based solely on the information provided to us and relate only to those conditions specifically discussed. We do not make any warranty, expressed or implied, that your workplace is safe or healthful or that it complies with all laws, regulations or standards.

State Compensation Insurance Fund is not a branch of the State of California.