When an earthquake strikes, it’s time to act quickly and find cover. Old advice, such as go to the nearest doorway or run outside is bad advice, according to official rescue teams from the United States and other countries. It’s considered dangerous and is not recommended.

The safest, most effective response during an earthquake is Drop, Cover, and Hold On:

  • DROP to the hands and knees.
  • COVER the head and neck with one arm and hand. If possible crawl under a nearby table or desk, or next to an interior wall away from windows.
  • HOLD ON to the table or desk with one hand until the shaking stops.

Of course, not everyone will have access to a table or desk to crawl under during an earthquake. What if you employ people with disabilities? What if you’re outside? What if you’re driving? Drop, Cover, and Hold On has you covered in these and other situations.