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Safety instructor showing STAR Program. Identify & correct hazards, prevent injuries and create safe workplace

STAR Program

The Safety Training and Recognition (STAR) program is an exclusive benefit for you, our policyholders. It gives you the tools you need to implement safe work practices at your business. The program offers free training for you and your employees as well as recognition for your company upon completion.

Safe workplaces start with a positive safety culture and an effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). A key part of both is providing training to your employees. Our STAR Program can help.  

STAR Program Requirements

Depending on the industry, you will be placed in either:

  • Safety Culture (applies to all types of business)
  • Fall Prevention (for businesses in the sheet metal, carpentry, and roofing industries)

To participate in the program, your key personnel must complete a learning plan of safety courses and a four-hour workshop. The free online training is provided through State Fund Online Safety University℠ and is available to you and your employees at any time. Upon completion of the program, including training by all supervisory employees, you will receive acknowledgment for your company on and a Certificate of Recognition you can showcase in your office or website, and share with customers.

5 Benefits of the STAR Program

  1. Improve workplace safety. Creating a safe workplace for employees is the right thing to do. The STAR Program can help you prevent workplace injuries and fatalities by sharing tools and techniques to help you identify and respond to workplace hazards.
  2. Safety is good for business. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), an effective safety program can save $4 to $6 for every $1 invested.
  3. Implement an effective IIPP. The STAR Program will provide you with resources that can help you implement an IIPP. Effectively-implemented IIPPs have proven to reduce the number of work-related injuries and illnesses and improve business cost savings through:
      • Reduced workers’ compensation premiums
      • Reduced time managing injuries and retraining new employees
      • Improved efficiency and productivity
      • Improved employee morale
  1. Prevent falls. Falls from heights account for most of the fatalities in the construction industry. Knowing how to prevent these accidents can save lives and a policyholder’s business. That is why policyholders with roofing, carpentry, and sheet metal governing class codes – the businesses most at risk for severe fall injuries – will receive training specific to the prevention of fall injuries in addition to the effective implementation of IIPPs and creating a strong safety culture.
  2. Show your employees you care. Successful completion of the program can demonstrate your commitment to employee safety, improving employee morale.

How to Take Advantage of This Free Training Program

Sign up at State Fund’s Customer Portal on within two months of your policy inception or renewal date and complete all program requirements by their deadlines. If you don’t already have a Customer Portal account, the STAR Program Customer Portal User Guide will show you how to set one up.

Improve Your Safety Culture

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Safety Culture Learning Plan

See a list of the courses needed to complete the STAR Safety Culture Program.

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Fall Prevention Learning Plan

See a list of the courses needed to complete the STAR Fall Prevention Program.

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STAR Program FAQs

Have a question about the program requirements, eligibility, or how to sign up? Take a look at the STAR Program FAQs for answers to your questions. 

How to Complete the Program

  • Sign up for the training and recognition program by the sign-up deadline of two months after policy inception or renewal.
  • Complete an online policyholder safety assessment questionnaire within two weeks of signing up for the program.
  • Complete or upload an IIPP using State Fund’s IIPP Builder℠ within three months after policy inception or renewal.
  • Have all supervisors, managers, foremen, and the business owner complete a learning plan of at least four hours of coursework in State Fund’s Online Safety University℠ within six months after policy inception or renewal.
  • Have all supervisors, managers, foremen, and the business owner attend a live online or in-person workshop (which will be set up as a classroom course in State Fund’s Online Safety University℠) within six months after policy inception or renewal.
    • Attendance at an online workshop will require participation in a Zoom meeting with a computer or tablet capable with a camera for video sharing.
    • Owner and all managers/supervisors/foremen are required to complete workshop and actively participate in group activities conducted during the workshop.
  • Policyholder must report all workplace injuries to State Fund within 48 hours after an accident.
  • Remain in good standing throughout a full policy year of at least 11 months, including payment of premiums and submission of payroll reports.
  • Complete a policyholder final post-program assessment questionnaire between 10 and 12 months after policy inception or renewal.


Contact our Safety Support Team at or (800) 675-2667.

Participation in this program is optional and will have no impact on your premium calculations.